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Water Softener System

No Problem Up flow Water Softener System incorporate the proven technique of counter-flow regeneration, which produces treated water with-residual hardness the rough out the cycle no problem up flow softener are designed to suit small and medium sized industries. A strongly-acidic cation exchange in sodium form is used to exchange in sodium form is used to exchange sodium ioons for hardness-forming calcium and magnesium, and thus produces soft water.at the end of each series cycle,the ioc exchange is regenerated with sodium chloride solution, after which the unit is ready for next service cucle.the unit can be easily assembled and dose not require any elaborate foundation. No problem packaged ip flow softener are available in different size, as given in the technical data, and also now are available in FRP module.


  • Consistent treated water quality.
  • low regeneration costs.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Low cost of maintenance incorporates the high capacity.
  • Bead-type interchange, incomparable for its stability and long life tree year long subjected warranty.


  • Bolier feed
  • Textile processing
  • Beverage manufacture
  • Cooling watermake up
  • Hospitals,Hotels,Londry
  • Air-conditioning plants.

One mild steel pressure vessel,complete with internal distribution and collecting system. painted itch protective coat of red oxide primer and internally with bituminous paint on change ofion exchanger.one plastic,salt saturation flank one set of frantial pipe work complete with valves and hydraulic ejector one hardness testing. Optional multi-port valve and design Note- out-put pe regeneration will vary with intel water quality.


Type Automatic
Certification ISI Certified
Capacity 100-1000L
Power 3-5 Kw
Power Source Electric
Installation Cabinet Type
Voltage (V) 440V
tank type Horizontal, Vertical
Warranty 1 Year

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